is now integrated with Nmbrs®

Posted by Sjoerd Haakon Haven on Sep 23, 2015 1:23:00 PM
frog-side-name-3300x1000-transparantWith accountants and administration offices can monitor clients. is now also using data from Nmbrs® for their analysis. If the integration between and Nmbrs® is made, data from wage components, contracts and personnel information can be used in the analysis. This information can be used to, for instance, monitor certain tax rules or check if the payroll and bookkeeping administrations are aligned.
The creators of believe that small accountants can also profit from data analysis. A broad range of analysis and alerts helps accountants to work more efficient and to get alerts faster and with this service their clients better. is being used by small and large offices.

Nmbrs® is a revolution in the field of HR and Payroll Software. We are unique in the world of online HR and Payroll Systems thanks to the technical options to integrate Nmbrs®. 

More information about the integration between and Nmbrs® is availiable on our supportsite.

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